Sur-ron Light Bee X

Sur-ron Light Bee X

Sur-ron Light Bee X


This is a piece of machinery that has shocked many. The acceleration is amazing on this beast not to mention it can really go up against to motorcycles that are 110-125cc. This light weight beauty is perfect on offroad, taking you to terrains your normal motorcycle couldn't.


This bike is easy to customize and upgrade, the performance upgrades are limitless from the battery to the controller.

  • Specifications

    Dimensions & Weight
    Length: 1870 mm
    Width: 780 mm
    Height: 1040 mm
    Max. ground clearance: 270 mm
    Wheelbase: 1260 mm
    Seat height: 810 mm
    Vehicle weight: 50 kg
    Weight distribution of Fr. Wheel axle: 24 kg
    Weight distribution of Rr. Wheel axle: 26 kg
    Max. load capability: 100



    Angle & Stroke
    Forward inclining angle: 26 °
    Steering angle: 46 °
    Front Absorbers stroke: 200 mm
    Rear Absorber/Wheel stroke: 87/210 mm


    Performance & Transmission
    Max. motor rotation speed: 4500rpm
    Cooling method: Air-cooled
    Climbing angle: 45° (Light Bee X)
    Max. speed: 73km/h
    Range: 100km @ 20km/h
    Max. torque: 200Nm
    Gearshift type and transmission ratio: 1:7.6
    Transmission type: Belt + Chain
    Belt brand and model: ContiTech HTD 8M CXA
    Rear sprocket: 48T-106 (Standard)


    Frame & Shock Absorbers
    Frame type: Aluminum alloy double cradle design
    Frame colour options: Grey, Silver, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue
    Front shock absorber : DNM USD-8S Forks
    Shock Absorber Fr.: Double-tube telescopic shock absorber
    Shock Absorber Rr.: Multi-link central shock absorber 350lbs (Standard)


    Tyres & Brakes
    Tyre size Fr.: 70/100-19
    Tyre size Rr.: 70/100-19
    Wheel type Fr.: 19 x 1.4
    Wheel type Rr.: 19 x 1.4
    Brake type Fr.: Bilateral 4 piston hydraulic disc brake
    Brake type Rr.: Bilateral 4 piston hydraulic disc brake


    Electronic Parts
    Controller type: Square wave controller or sine wave controller.
    The motor controllers can use 48V and 60V Sur-Ron battery packs.
    Horn: Electric horn
    Charger type: 48V charger, 58.8V @   5A, 6 hour normal charge
    48V charger, 58.8V @ 10A, 3 hour fast charge
    60V charger, 67.2V @ 10A, 3 hour fast charge
    Battery Pack 48 Volt: Configuration: 14S10P
    Cells: 140 Knaptech 18650 2500mAh
    Capacity: 25Ah, 1200Wh
    Battery Pack 60 Volt: Configuration: 16S11P
    Cells: 176 Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh
    Capacity: 32Ah, 1920Wh
    Headlight type: LED
    Brake light type: LED
    USB power source: Single USB socket 2100mA (phone charger)
    Dashboard: IBN negative LCD display
Rp77.000.000,00 Regular Price
Rp75.000.000,00Sale Price